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At ‘Research-Lab’, “quality without compromise” comes first and our quality meets the requirements of iso 9001:2015. All our employees are involved in the iso framework which leads to continuous improvement in all areas of the company.
The senior management team have established the quality policy, objectives and procedures, and are committed to their continuous improvement, thus enabling the organisation to maintain an effective and up to date quality management system.
It is our policy that all personnel receive the necessary instruction and training for the implementation of the company's policies and procedures. The organisation implements measurements across the business to establish the performance of processes and to provide a basis for their improvement. Continuous improvement in quality, service, and consequently customer satisfaction, is the key to our current and continued success.
Research-Lab’ conducts management reviews using internal audit activities, customer feedback, corrective and preventive actions, and surveys to support continual improvement through continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

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Research-Lab’ is a company which cares about the environment and have an environmental management system that complies with the requirements of iso 14001:2015.
we are fully committed to complying with the legal environmental requirements that are applicable to our manufacturing processes. As a chemical factory, we handle a variety of chemical substances. However, we work towards prevention of environmental pollution by implementing appropriate management procedures with respect to environmental pollutants.
we emphasize on the following key points within our industrial premises:

  • Reduction and thorough control of the emission of chemical substances.
  • Promotion of resources and energy conservation by reducing the consumption of water and electric power usage.
  • Reduction of the amount of waste we educate all our employees about environmental conservation and are working to heighten awareness and understanding of our environmental policy. At the same time, we perform environmental conservation activities from a wide range of viewpoints with a focus on the local community and global environment
    Here's our environmental management system certificate of achievement for ISO 14001:2015

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We are devoted to corporate activities that place the highest priority on health and safety, disaster prevention and environmental conservation. Driven by a respect for human life, we work to continually improve standards of safety and health for every one of our employees. ‘Research-lab’ has established, documented and implemented an oh&s management system compliant with ISO 18001: 2007
Intent of policy:

  • Ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthy environment without risk of injury or ill health caused by their work,
  • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision that is reasonably necessary to ensure that each employee is safe from injury and risks to health
  • Maintain an efficient, documented management system as a tool for operating safely and effectively in an environmentally responsible manne
  • Monitor our performance and seek to improve continually we will abide by laws relating to occupational health and safety, comply with requirements that we have agreed to, made by local communities, public institutions and customers, and follow our in-house regulations.we seek the co-operation of all employees, customers and visitors. We encourage suggestions in realising our health and safety objectives to create a safe working environment with a zero accident rate.

This policy applies to all business operations and functions, including those situations where employees are required to work off-site.


GMPGood Manufacturing Practices

At ‘Research-Lab’, good manufacturing practices is the essence of the entire organization and by it, the quality is built into the product. Continually evolving manufacturing plant, technical knowledge and purest material guarantees a quality product, alertness in processing does it. It is largely because of this practice before, during and after manufacturing is included in ‘Research-lab’s GMP that ensures consistent quality, safety and efficiency of the system.
we assure, the manufacturing process is well defined and understood before the commencement of any activity. Procedures are written in instruction form, in simple lucid language and are applicable to facilities provided.
the necessary facilities and resources are provided which include

  • Appropriately trained personnel.
  • Adequate premises and space.
  • Suitable equipments & utilities.
  • Correct materials.
  • Approved procedure.
  • Suitable storage and transport.

Records are made during manufacturing ( including packaging ) to record all steps required by the defined procedure are in fact carried out and that the quality and quantity produced was as expected. Records of manufacture and distribution are maintained in legible and accessible form so that it is easy to trace the complete history of a batch, and a system is available to recall from sale or supply, any batch of a product should that become necessary. Here's our GMP certificate of achievement


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GLP - Good Laboratory Practices

Our in-house R & D department and quality control division facility has been accredited with glp certificate. The effective personnel have established a policy in order to ensure the proper functioning of laboratory activites keeping in mind the following key points:

  • Test systems Archiving of records and materials.
  • Apparatus, material and reagent facilities.
  • Quality assurance programs.
  • Performance of the study.
  • Reporting of study results.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Personnel and test facility organization

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