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Grades of Purity


AR : (ANALYTICAL REAGENT) : Reagents essential for analytical purpose and research work having high purity. The certificate of guarantee give the minimum assay and maximum limits of trace impurities. These reagents complies maximum tests of ACS grades, GR , ANALAR , P.A. (Proanalysis) which are marketed by other international companies.

FOR SYNTHESIS : General purpose reagents having many potential applications in laboratories.

LR : (LABORATORY REAGENTS) : This grade consists of Pure , Extra Pure , Purified organic and inorganic chemicals having reliable accuracy in Routine Laboratory Analysis.

EP , EXTRA PURE , PURIFIED , PURE : Products suitable for qualitative and semi- quantitative work. Most of our “extra pure” products comply with “Pharma Copoeia” grades of all countries and preferentially used in the Pharmaceutical industries.

CP : CHEMICALLY PURE : Chemicals being used for regular practical having its original purity.

MICROSCOPY (M.S.) : Highly purified Reagent for use in biochemical research and analysis. They are free from inhibits such as traces of heavy metals and tested with a view for biochemical work.

HPLC GRADE : This grade includes solvents, ion pair reagents and buffers of appropriate purity to be used as mobile phases in HPLC. Our solvents undergo highly efficient distillation, solid phase absorption and other chemical treatments. This allows us to eliminate impurities that could interfere in HPLC analysis. We carry out intensive quality control by means of UV spectroscopy,

SPECTROSCOPY GRADE : Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is the most commonly used technique in the structural analysis of compounds obtained by organic synthesis. It normally requires the sample to be dissolved in a solvent whose hydrogen atoms have been replaced with deuterium atoms. We offers deuterated solvents of differing isotopic purities. The most usual is 99,8% but we also have purities of up to 99.98%.



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